Why wear Gym Hats?

PX-Trainer Gym Hats energize your workouts!  CoolAir▿Tek™ blends thermoregulating comfort and performance into superior cross training headwear.  'Superior Outside-Engineered for Athletes Inside'. The Wetter◎The Better.  #SweatOrWet

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▦ Wear Performance Fabrics On Your Head!

Our Engineering under the Hood...

Posted by: Staff (5min read)

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Don't SHOULDER the PAIN...

● How to make broad gains

By: Rob Fitzgerald (5min read)


Is Carbon Fiber stronger than Diamonds?

Posted by Staff (5min read)

RFID Carbon Fiber Wallets

● LIQUID Carbon Fiber; latest in material refinement...

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Best New Backpacks in 2024!

⭐ Best New Design Award

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