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Why wear Gym Hats?

PX-Trainer Gym Hats energize your workouts!  CoolAir▿Tek™ blends thermoregulating comfort and performance into superior cross training headwear.  'Superior Outside-Engineered for Athletes Inside'. The Wetter◎The...

What is CoolAir▿Tek? / How it works 

By AIROPX, Staff

Why wear Gym Hats and Performance Fabrics? 

Gym hats, also known as a workout and exercise caps, are specialized headgear designed for use during physical activities such as workouts, sports, or other forms of exercise. Gym hats often feature a moisture-wicking sweatband around the inner rim to further enhance comfort and absorb perspiration.  Gym hats are typically made from lightweight and breathable materials like polyester or nylon, which help to wick away sweat and keep the head cool and dry during intense workouts. 

Wearing performance fabrics offers a multitude of benefits, particularly during physical activities and exercise. These fabrics are engineered with advanced technologies to enhance comfort, durability, and overall performance; advanced breathability allows air to circulate freely, which helps regulate body temperature and prevent overheating in extreme heat and during exercise.  Additionally, many performance fabrics are lightweight and stretchable, providing freedom of movement without restriction. Some are also designed to resist odor-causing bacteria, keeping garments fresher for longer periods. Overall, wearing performance fabrics ensures optimal comfort and functionality, allowing individuals to maximize focus on their activity.

 Performance Fabrics

Performance fabrics typically mix synthetic materials and natural fibers to produce durable, stain resistant and easy to clean gear.

Synthetic fibers, such as Polyester, Nylon and Spandex are much more durable than natural fibers like cotton or wool. 

Manufacturers select different percentages of performance materials to create unique blends, but here are some common components:

  • Stain-resistant Performance fabrics resist stains, dirt and dry quickly.

  • Lightweight.  They are lightweight but very strong.
  • Durable.  They don't wear out easily like like cotton; they also have natural elasticity and don't shrink or lose their shape.

  • Easy maintenancePerformance fabrics require little care beyond rinsing with cold water.

What is Taslan?

Performance hats

One of the newest high-tech performance blends is called TaslanTaslan is Jet-Air spun yarn, instead of mechanical spun, so it remains incredibly soft like cotton and ideal for performance hats because the fibers resist pilling and bind to making it wind and abrasion resistant.

Gym Hats & Fabrics- the sky really is the limit!

How does it work?

Performance hats

Gym hats and fabrics can be engineered to be thermal regulating, moisture-wicking and water-resistantIt works like this: they are made of acrylic fibers so they absorb liquid; they are also “hydrophobic” which means they resist water penetration.  (The combined qualities makes them “moisture-wicking.”)

"COTTON is the 'ANTI moisture-wicking' fabric; cotton feels hot and sticky once saturated with sweat; its slow drying so continued perspiration makes cotton cold and clammy on skin."

Wear Moisture-Wicking Fabric on your Head!

Generally, you want moisture-wicking fabric on any apparel that touches your skin- Especially your HEAD which releases 20% of your body heat!
* Efficient body temperature regulation prevents heat exhaustion

Performance hats play a crucial role in preventing heat stroke by effectively managing body temperature during indoor and outdoor activities. Constructed from advanced moisture-wicking fabrics, these hats efficiently draw sweat away from the skin, promoting rapid evaporation and cooling; when you’re breaking a good sweat, that sweat evaporates and produces a cooling effect. After skin temperature cools to a comfortable level, your body stops sweating. It's an efficient process complemented by moisture-wicking fabrics.

Breathable workout and gym hat designs allow for optimal airflow, preventing heat buildup on the head.  Some performance hats also feature built-in UV protection, shielding the wearer from harmful sun rays. By keeping the head cool, dry, and protected from the sun, performance hats help regulate body temperature and reduce the risk of heat stroke.  Overall, wearing moisture-wicking headwear ensures a more comfortable and enjoyable experience during various activities, making it a practical and essential accessory for active individuals.

🚫Cotton & Wool Baseball hats trap heat!


Train Harder, Train Longer with CoolAir▿Tek™ PX-Trainer Gym Hats

Performance hats
360° MICRO-LASER CUT Blended Performance: 
Warms when cold❄️
Cools when Hot🔥

PX-Trainers withstand the rigors of vigorous training day after day.  If you are looking for the essential Gym Hat, Running Hat or Performance Hat for indoor or outdoor sports, PX-Trainers ingeniously help maintain optimal body temperature in various climates and conditions; they manage sweat and moisture accumulation, preventing discomfort and overheating, during physical activity and provide warmth during chilly weather conditions.  The CoolAir▿Tek design regulates heat retention and dissipation, ensuring wearer maximum comfort regardless of external temperatures.  Whether trekking through scorching deserts or running in chilly winds, circuit training or cycling, PX-Trainer Gym Hats provide temperature control and comfort in any indoor or outdoor pursuit.

How do I clean CoolAir▿Tek™?

A soft cloth or tooth brush and a bit of water will do the trick!  PX-Trainers are built to be drenched in water and wrung out; mix soap and water to remove heavier blemishes.  PX-Trainers remain soft, durable, colorfast and form best after a few sweat, wet and workout cycles... ideal for the Gym!

'Superior Outside - Engineered for Athletes Inside'

Performance hats
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