OPX Custom Dog Tag

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The OPX Custom Dog Tag hollow pressed shield represents 1 KLICK in each direction (▼) to honor those always Standing Guard In Service to Protect All and Take Care of Others.
- Cavere Aliis -

OPX Custom Dog Tag

History Behind Black Tags

Black Dog Tags signify 'Tip of the Spear' Special Operations Forces (OPX). When a soldier gives a Dog Tag to another the soldier trusts the recipient with his or her life; the badge represents the highest trust and respect.

The following Special Forces use Black Dog Tags:

● Delta Force ● Navy Seals ● Green Berets ● Army Rangers ● Commandos ● Explosive Ordinance Drivers (EOD) ● Special Warfare & Combatant Craft Crewman (SWCC) ● Brown Water Navy Gun Boat Crew

Gift Box Includes
  • (1) LARGE Carbon Fiber Dog Tag
  • Black Stainless Steel Ball Chain
Size - Material

Size: Thickness - 3X (3mm)

  • LARGE Dog Tag: 2" x 1.75"


  • Black Gloss Carbon Fiber
  • Hollow press logo
  • Bulletproof; Feartherlight🪶

Chain Length- Adjustable 26" Stainless Steel Ball (1.5mm); electroplate, no neck irritation.



*Your Purchase Supports

We donate 5% of Black Tag proceeds to Charitable 501(c)3 organizations that benefit First Responders and Veterans.

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