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Is Your Gym Hat Cooking Your Brain?

- Training Tips - My generation's spirit is alive and well with today’s Millennials and Centennials.  They push the envelope- we had the Olympics...

Submitted By: Donovan A. (5min read)

Don’t Overheat and Lose your Cool!  This PX-Trainer Gym Hat maximizes athletic performance...

I grew up in Southern California's outdoor Sun soaked 70's lifestyle- where the coastline collides with sport and physical fitness.  Dating back to the 50s, people traveled from afar for the sunshine, surf and free spirited West Coast.  Venice, Manhattan, Huntington, Oceanside and Seal Beach were the places that branded the Pacific Ocean into OP®, or Ocean Pacific.  We were the first Morey® Bodyboard surfers and generation to glide down cracked concrete on custom skateboards powered by Vans®.  We were young, adventurous and care-free! All we needed was a Board and a bus pass; and, like Al Pacino in Scarface- The World Was Ours!

My generation's spirit is alive and well with today’s Millennials and Centennials.  They push the envelope- we had the Olympics and Wheaties®; They rock Monster Energy® and X Games®;  We split corduroy seams at Roller Skating Rinks; They Blade In-Line;  We biked off terrain with the first Diamondbacks®; They carve mountains with them.  They live the 70's lifestyle to the extreme and share it with the world through GoPro® cameras!  

A lot has evolved, and for the better... I am now in my 50s and a little more worn from wear, but I still press the envelope- I hit the gym 5 ‘rise and shine’ mornings a week (rip 10 reps of 225 bench press) and can still follow up with 18-holes, or run a pick up game at Pauley Pavilion in the afternoon.  I pride myself on remaining active and in better shape than in my late 20s & 30s.  Today, I like to run along the coastline as part of my workout routine because the weather is cooler and offers that inviting off-shore breeze.  

Recently, I jogged past a famous outdoor Venice Beach gym where well-known fitness professionals train; I saw a big guy pushing up some serious weight in 90° heat wearing a baseball gym hat and remembered thinking to myself how uncomfortable that gym hat must have felt.  I never train with headwear because it adds weight and pressure to my forehead when I perspire.  I’ve tried products advertised as “performance”.  Some were better than others but they all had similar problems- excess weight, a lack of breathability or lack absorption.  I’ve used bandanas to keep sweat out of my eyes, but they also get heavy when wet.  Headgear largely has not evolved since my youth so I’ve kept it on the shelf during workouts; today’s ‘performance’ hats are just a little lighter than traditional cotton and wool hats.  They might be waterproof but they do little to cool you down and absorb sweat- Until now!  A real performance gym hat absorbs sweat, regulates your body temperature and provides UV protection.  PX-Trainer Gym Hats are game changers for athletic performance and Sun protection hats.

Why in 90° heat would anyone wear headwear or gym hats during exercise?

● 20% of our body heat is released through our heads ●

Our brains are one of the most important organs in our bodies and constantly regulates body temperature; we shiver or sweat, depending on if we are cold or hot.  In hot environments and during exercise our bodies consume more energy-  This means we have less energy for physical performance as we heat up. Our ability to regulate temperature during exercise severely impacts performance.

Sun protection hat

Most Hats & Gym Hats keep you DRY, NOT COOL

 They still cook your Brain! A PX-Trainer Gym Hat can prevent heat stroke...

We all hear stories of distressed hiker rescues in hot climates.  Being hot is uncomfortable.  Physical performance if you overheat can lead to a medical emergency.  Heat stroke occurs when internal body temperature reaches 104℉ which can happen quickly during intense exercise, or if you are dehydrated in the Sun.

Our Peak Performance is best around 75℉

The PX-Trainer Gym Hat circulates cool air as you sweat or wet it with water- the Cool Air▿Tek™ blended performance fabric literally feels like air-conditioning and weighs only 2oz; the featherlight design relieves that 'throbbing temple sensation' from hats worn in the heat and during exercise.  PX-Trainers stand apart in performance and really are fitness game changers, which is great at my age.  I don’t know why my generation didn’t have a product like this to go along with our Boards and OP’s.
"I played racquetball with a buddy and he wore a hat the whole time. I thought he was nuts, but when he told me what it was I had to give it a try.  I will always wear PX-Trainers when I exercise from now on... they deliver game changing comfort.  This gym hat really is a health and wellness essentials during exercise and in extreme heat."

I normally shy away from white hats, but this one remains clean and white as ”liquid paper” after months of heavy usage; the hat and bill shape are still perfect. It is the most comfortable gym hat I have ever worn- either forwards or backwards.  I am now a believer in the latest exercise and gym hat technology.  I hope this product tip helps some people out.  Thanks! D.A.

Sun protection hat

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